We are so happy that you’ve found us! We’re looking forward to all sorts of fun as we share our ideas about kinky life, book and toy reviews, and whatever else happens to strike our fancy.

*Please note, our web site is intended for people age eighteen and over. If you’re younger than that, please leave our site and visit our friends at Scarleteen.

Kink and BDSM are such amazing parts of our lives and our biggest message is that it is FUN! Real life is totally the opposite of how our lifestyle is portrayed in popular entertainment. There is so much joy and connection in what it is that we do and our hope is to tell you about our journey.

As married 50-something kinky explorers, we’ve taken the road less-traveled in terms of our sexuality. At an age when many people are giving up sex, we can’t keep our hands off each other. We’re not experts, but a committed couple with a story to share.

We see ourselves as kinky generalists. We don’t focus on one specific aspect, but instead, are sampling a wide variety of fetish-y, pervy, kinky fun. Rubber, bondage, tantra, impact play, pushing boundaries, rough sex, dominance and submission – they’re all seductive and amazing to us.

As a committed couple, we love hearing from our friends. Please drop us a line if you have a question for us, or want to share something. You can find us here, on Facebook, Twitter, and on FetLife.

Yours in kink,
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