It’s all about trust.

We recently got home from Dark Odyssey Surrender in San Francisco. That event inspired us in many ways, and we enjoyed all of the workshops, the play parties, and demonstrations. BDSM can be intense, whether it’s a complex rope suspension, impact play, electricity, or one of a thousand other things. Every journey begins with a […]

What does it mean to be kinky?

  From the moment we’re born, society begins to condition each of us in countless ways. All of us learn the roles we’re supposed to fulfill, how to carry ourselves, right and wrong ways to behave, and countless other specifics. Nowhere is this process more apparent than in our lives as sexual beings. Think of […]

One vibe to rule them all.

  Toys that buzz, thrust, oscillate, or rotate – optimally all at once – are staples that lots of kinksters use in their play. We love these things because they add spice to our play. They push us to the heights of ecstasy, tease us relentlessly, force us to come at another’s whim, probably again […]

Toys and tools?! Oh my!

  Not too long ago, any discussion of sex toys was likely to include the word “perverted.” Of course, in an era just slightly before that, all nudity was considered pornographic. Welcome to the new milennium, where nudity is regularly seen on television! Unfortunately, sex toys are still somewhat uncomfortable to discuss for many of […]

Getting our kink on – a start.

  Eighteen years is a long time in concrete terms. Since we met back in 1997, both of us have changed careers, we’re in the second house we’ve owned together, and are driving our umpteenth car. Beloved dogs have grown old and passed away, we’ve adopted or bought others, and we’re raising chickens. We’ve weathered a deployment to the […]