One vibe to rule them all.


Toys that buzz, thrust, oscillate, or rotate – optimally all at once – are staples that lots of kinksters use in their play. We love these things because they add spice to our play. They push us to the heights of ecstasy, tease us relentlessly, force us to come at another’s whim, probably again and again. And so much more besides…

We had a vibrator before we got kinky, although we hardly ever used it. Like many women, my gal Amelie held some misconceptions about these things:

  • They were supposed to be so intense, a woman who used a vibrator could only come with it for stimulation, and nothing else would work to get her off,
  • Once exposed to the power of a vibrator, a woman would become addicted to it,
  • Her lover’s cock would become a poor substitute for the vibrator.

I, on the other hand, was wandering around with my own load of vibrational (mis)information:

  • All you had to do was stick the vibrator on her clit and she would automatically come. If not, something was wrong,
  • You could not use a vibrator during intercourse (a sentence we’ve since deleted from our vocabulary),
  • If a woman liked her vibrator too much, maybe it meant that she didn’t really need a man to get off.

It all seems dumber than dumb looking back. But such was the case before we got kinky. Countless unlucky couples probably are trying to get it on with these same misconceptions. But after we got that SportSheets restraint system, we started to break out of society’s programming about sex.

We talked a long time about vibrators because we knew that toys could be a big part of S/M play. As with many things in the early days of our journey, we decided to start small with a cute little jelly vibe that we paid maybe 15 bucks for. But as with many things in S/M, we learned and became more confident. Our refrain became, harder, faster, more.

We’d seen this wand-looking thing in some BDSM porn. While it didn’t look sexy in and of itself, what it seemed to be doing to people was so erotic and kinky, we had to find out what it was. Then, we watched Nina Hartley’s bondage sex DVD one evening and saw the magnificent Claire Adams using one of these to bring herself to orgasm. She was so incredibly hot and the sight of that thing on her cunt as she got off… well … Amelie got dripping wet, and I felt my cock swelling in my shorts.

We had to have one of the things!

So, I went straight to the computer and googled “wand, vibrator, BDSM” and the first result was for the Hitachi Magic Wand. It looked exactly like the one Claire had used. Amelie and I did a little research, watched some videos of people (mostly women) using it, and we were sold. We ordered ours from Amazon that evening and it arrived two days later.

As I tore the package apart, I became aroused as hell, maybe thinking about the promise of ecstasy that the Hitachi seemed to whisper. I took it into the bedroom and shut the door to keep the dogs out. Then I pulled on my tightest nylon briefs and laid down in bed. I switched it on and began to gently trace the outline of my cock with the ball. I got hard in seconds and the head of my cock began to pulse. The pulsing reached right down to my balls.

Not by a long shot had I ever felt pleasure even close to this. In seconds, I was hard as steel, having not done anything to achieve this. The Hitachi though, was relentless and I felt the vibration deep in my balls as my pre-ejaculate leaked into my shorts. I put the ball right against the underside of my cock head. That was all it took. Stars exploded as I orgasmed into my shorts. I felt the final pulse building inside my crotch and when it reached the tip, my entire body convulsed and I felt my hips come off the mattress. It took less time than it has for you to read this paragraph.

After coming back to the world, I called Amelie and told her what I’d done and how good it was. It seemed like forever before she got home from work so we could try our new toy on her. We wolfed down our dinner and went into the bedroom. She stripped and laid on the bed. We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was going to be good.

I started out on low power and lightly traced my Amelie’s mons with the ball, touching it softly over her clit and tracing down her slit. She was already getting aroused and I saw that her clit and labia were swelling. I smelled that oceany, tangy odor of her sex, blown away by how fast this was going. She began to moan softly and I traced further down her pussy toward her ass.

Just at the base of her pussy, I pressed the ball up and forward. A wave of juice was running from her pussy and I touched her clit with my other hand. It was swollen, tight and hard. I flicked her there several times and then went back to focusing on the Hitachi. I took it away from that spot, but she shook her head and whispered, “No… there.”

So I put the ball right back on that sweet spot and began to rhythmically push in and release. Rocking her hips, Amelie spread her legs wide. She was moaning continuously and I saw the tell-tale flush on her chest that happened when she was close to coming.

I flipped the switch to the high setting and pushed with the slightest bit more pressure. That did it. Her body tensed and she left out a moaning scream as her body shook and trembled while the waves pummeled her. She was grinding her hips and the orgasm took her. Almost before it was over, a second, more intense orgasm rocked her.

That one started with a gush of amrita that soaked the Hitachi, my hand, the sheet and my beautiful wife’s thighs. She moaned loudly and her orgasm broke harder than the first, her amrita gushing. I literally felt the energy radiating off her. It was as if we were both floating and I knew this was the single most erotic moment that I had ever seen or been part of. She still panted fast and shallow, lost in the orgasm. I hadn’t moved the Hitachi a millimeter and it still buzzed on high.

My wife opened her eyes, but they were unfocused. She whispered, “No more,” and I immediately removed the Hitachi, then gave her some water to sip. As we snuggled and Amelie caught her breath, I asked her how it felt for her. All she could say was, “WOW…” After awhile, her breathing returned to normal and we talked more about our experiences with the Hitachi. We found a single word to describe what had happened to us: “Mindblowing.”

Since that first time, the Hitachi has become our favorite vibrator. It’s forced many bondage orgasms for Amelie. And it’s driven me to beg for release from it’s relentless vibrations. We’ve used it right on her clit while fucking, turning my cock into a living vibrator. We’ve bought some attachments for it, but we don’t much use them. The Hitachi itself is machine enough.

Oh yeah, and we’ve even used it as a back massager once or twice.

We threw that first jelly vibe away long ago. Nowadays, our toys are high quality ones that give us so much sensuous, kinky pleasure. But there’s only one Hitachi…

One vibe to rule them all.

Yours in kink,
Mark, male half of the hkc


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